All vendor opportunities on the 2017 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) can be viewed on the Purchasing Department web page under Current Business Opportunities.

Information on Community Outreach and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) can be found here.


Open bids for the 2017 Capital Improvement Program are posted on this page periodically. Check back each week for any updates.

Bid #Project NameArchitectOwner RepresentativeFor More Information
Bid #Project NameArchitectOwner RepresentativeFor More Information

Closed bids for the 2017 Capital Improvement Program are posted below.

Bid #Project NameArchitectOwner RepresentativeFor Projects Updates
19-035Amon Carter-Riverside Add., Reno & Fine ArtsGlenn PartnersJohn HortonClick Here
19-031Arlington Heights AthleticsHahnfeld Hoffer StanfordMark GoesslerClick Here
19-099Benbrook MS/HS Addition & RenovationLBL ArchitectsEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-033Benbrook MS/HS AthleticsLBL ArchitectsEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-032Benbrook MS/HS Baseball/Softball FieldsHahnfeld Hoffer StanfordEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-044Diamond Hill-Jarvis Addition & RenovationRPGA/JALEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-042Dunbar AthleticsIDG ArchitectsMark GoesslerClick Here
19-095Dunbar RenovationVLK ArchitectsMark GoesslerClick Here
19-102Eastern Hills Addition & RenovationVLK ArchitectsStoney CrumpClick Here
19-036North Side AthleticsWRA ArchitectsEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-030North Side MariachiWRA ArchitectsEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-098North Side RenovationWRA ArchitectsEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-041O.D. Wyatt AthleticsHarrison KornbergMark GoesslerClick Here
19-093O.D. Wyatt RenovationHarrison KornbergMark GoesslerClick Here
19-071Overton Park Elementary SchoolBennett Benner PartnersCale WilkinsonClick Here
20-003Paschal RenovationHahnfeld Hoffer StanfordEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-092Poly Addition & RenovationBRW ArchitectsMark GoesslerClick Here
19-037Poly AthleticsBRW ArchitectsStoney CrumpClick Here
19-104South Hills Addition & RenovationJacobs & AssociatesJohn HortonClick Here
19-105Southwest Addition & RenovationParkhill Smith & CooperStoney CrumpClick Here
19-040Southwest AthleticsParkhill Smith & CooperMatt TannerClick Here
20-002Trimble Tech RenovationFender AndradeCale WilkinsonClick Here
19-034Waverly Park Elementary RenovationHalbach DietzMatt TannerClick Here
19-100Western Hills Addition & RenovationHuckabeeEdsel GaitondeClick Here
19-038Western Hills AthleticsHuckabeeMatt TannerClick Here
19-091YMLA Addition & RenovationKAI ArchitectsStoney CrumpClick Here