Eastern Hills High School will receive new Science classrooms and labs.
Common spaces will be renovated to create collaboration spaces for learning and student interaction. Moderate renovations will be applied to various locations within the school to meet the twenty-first century learning model. Renovations will include reclaiming or repurposing space to support Career and Technical Education.
Tobi Jackson
Opening Date
November 2021
Design Process
5701 Shelton St
Fort Worth, TX 76112
New Square Footage
Renovated Square Footage
Construction Process
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Stoney Crump
Stoney Crump
Owner Representative
Cadence McShane
VLK Architects


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Bring On The Installations


Installations are happening all throughout this project! The new utilities for the addition is being installed, and the new drainage line installation for the athletics facilities is nearly complete.

Site Grading: A+


The site grading for the addition continues along the northwest corner of our jobsite, while the installation of the wastewater drainage is happening over at the athletics project!

You Gotta Start Somewhere!


The new northwest parking lot and building addition has been graded (photo 1) and on the interiors, we have begun the installation of wall framing and drywalls! This is only the beginning, but we’re off to a great start!

Bring Out the Excavators!


We have broken ground for the athletics portion of the project! We are currently demoing the concrete walkway as well as the parking lot.

The First Look at Construction


From design to real life! We are so excited to have the Eastern Hills Addition and Renovation project underway. The library and science classrooms are demoed and the framing for the renovation has begun. This is only the beginning, y’all!

Rendering a Larger Look


Conceptual renderings give an idea of what some of the renovations and addition may look like in the school, including: the new library, cafeteria, hallway collaboration spaces and art rooms.

A New Library for Bright Minds


Students are sure to embrace the proposed new media center with student collaboration spaces, book stacks, a new tech help desk and more.

Conceptual Renderings Give Glimpse of Proposed Renovations


Conceptual renderings highlight proposed front entrance to Eastern Hills HS and new building addition

Reviewing preliminary designs


VLK Architects showing preliminary designs of the renovation and addition to Eastern Hills High School.

Pre-Proposal Meeting Recap


A pre-proposal meeting was held for the bid opportunity, RFQ-CMAR 19-102 Eastern Hills HS Addition/Renovation, where vendors found out more information about aspects of the procurement process, proposal requirements, contract time, budget and scope. Vendors were taken on a tour of different parts of the school to be renovated. To stay up to date on upcoming bid opportunities, please visit fwisd2017bond.com/vendors.

Bid Opportunity & Pre-Proposal Meeting


A pre-proposal meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 10:00 am for the bid opportunity RFQ – CMAR 19-102 Eastern Hills High School Addition/Renovation. Find out more information by clicking here.

Students designing their own space


VLK Architects recently held a student design charrette at Eastern Hills High School to seek student input and ideas for the school’s new proposed building addition and campus renovations.

VLK displayed various thought starter image boards featuring exterior building images, instructional vs collaboration spaces, and discovery zones and asked students to tag what images they liked and to post notes on why they were drawn to these images.

Afterwards, students were separated into groups and asked to participate in a gaming activity where each group got to design their version of a new library space using cutouts of various activity zones, furniture, and architectural features. Each group then presented their ideas to the group which prompted a very collaborative discussion between all the students of what they hope their remodeled library space might look like.

Students were also asked to define what they feel their school culture is, what they take pride in, and what they might change if they could.

The architects will utilize the students’ notes and designs as references and inspiration during their own design process.

Students expressed their enjoyment in participating in the design charrette and are now looking forward to how Eastern Hills will be transformed.