Southwest High School will receive moderate renovations to the Fine Arts and Science classrooms.
Common spaces will be renovated to create collaboration spaces for learning and student interaction. Moderate renovations will be applied to various locations within the school to meet the twenty-first century learning model. Renovations will include reclaiming or repurposing space to support Career and Technical Education.
CJ Evans
Opening Date
August 2021
Design Process
4100 Altamesa Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76133
New Square Footage
Renovated Square Footage
Construction Process
Sample avatar
Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner
Owner Representative
Parkhill Smith & Cooper


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Fill, Fill, Fill!


We filled the front entry with dirt and are now leveling it out to bring the grade up.

Onward to the Foundation!


We’re moving forward with the foundation work for both the front and east end of the building! The underground rough is going in and then we will begin the foundation pour.

Demo, Cleaning, and More Demoing!


We are still demoing the trees and clearing the site before we begin grading for our foundations. Up next will be digging, forming, and pouring the foundations

The 3 Horsemen of Beginning Construction


Typically, people think of demo when they think of construction beginning. That still holds true, but prep and cleaning make up a lot of the beginning steps as well! A temporary walkway was constructed for easier use (photo 1), we demoed the emergency egress pathway (photo 2).

You Are Now Entering the Demolition Zone


It’s time to get excited because construction has begun again! First on the list is the demolition of the front entry way.

Ceilings and Floors


Flooring and ceiling are being installed in the engineering classrooms.

Framing and more framing


Framing is being installed inside the engineering labs. The area above the ceiling is being opened up to make the two old classrooms into a larger new engineering classroom. Framing and sheathing is being installed for the new compressor room inside the storage room. Also, framing the new cut openings into the new robotics lab.

Renovation of New Robotics Lab Underway


Demolition of two existing classrooms make way for a new CTE Engineering Classroom. Controlled entry points are also currently being constructed.

Sneak Peek


Conceptual architectural renderings showcase some potential exterior improvements at Southwest High School.

Pre-Proposal Meeting


A pre-proposal meeting was held for the bid opportunity, RFQ-CMAR 19-105 Southwest High School Renovation, where vendors found out more information about aspects of the procurement process, proposal requirements, contract time, budget and scope. To stay up to date on upcoming bid opportunities, please visit

Bid Opportunity & Pre-Proposal Meeting


Pre-proposal meeting to be held on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 10:00 AM for the bid opportunity RFQ – CMAR 19-105 Southwest High School Renovation. Find out more information by clicking here.

Student Ideas and Designs


The architects, Parkhill Smith & Cooper, held a student design charrette at Southwest High School. Thought-starter images and image boards featuring exterior building images, instructional vs collaboration spaces, and discovery zones were displayed, and students placed sticky notes with comments on the different images.

Students were separated into groups and designed their idea of new spaces throughout the school. They presented their ideas to each other using a combination of drawings and images they liked the best. It prompted a collaborative discussion between all the students as an exchange of ideas and common themes surfaced related to the overall renovation.

The architects will utilize the students’ valuable input as reference and inspiration during their design process.