FWISD Bond Program Update

August 15, 2018

The Fort Worth ISD Capital Improvement Program staff, in conjunction with Procedeo, the District’s new Owner’s Representative for the 2017 Bond Program, has been working diligently since December 2017 on assessing all the 2017 bond projects for scope and budget and preparing a financial and logistical plan for executing the program. Many factors were considered, and the resultant plan was laid out for the consideration of the District to facilitate a rapid start to the design and construction of new facilities within the District. A fortunate turn of events, that lead to an accelerated bond sales schedule, has allowed for a more aggressive approach and opportunity for the design to start on all 2017 bond projects concurrently, which are all underway.

Procedeo assists the CIP Office with management of design, procurement, construction and project close-out. To date, the following professional services have been advertised, procured, selected and approved by the board:

  • Printing Services
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental/HASMAT Consulting
  • Roof Consulting
  • MEP/Commissioning Services
  • HVAC Test & Balance
  • Construction Materials Testing

All architectural selections and assignments have been made and the district has awarded 32 projects to 19 architecture firms. Consideration was given to match firms with the knowledge, experience and ability to design to the culture and community of each school.

As we work towards the end of 2018, Procedeo will continue to push design across all 32 projects with an emphasis on design completion of the smaller projects. Procedeo and the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Office will bid 11 smaller projects before the end of the year, giving general contractors, subcontractors and vendors their first opportunity to work with Fort Worth ISD on the 2017 Bond Program. Efforts will be continued for community outreach and education on the upcoming FWISD projects to increase participation within the construction community.

Looking ahead to the first quarter of 2019, Procedeo anticipates the first of the projects will kick-off construction. Once the bidding and selection process takes place on the 11 smaller projects, Procedeo will create Board Agenda items for approvals on the general contractors.

To stay updated on what’s going on with the FWISD 2017 Bond Program, go to fwisd2017bond.com.